Monday, April 30, 2012

Euro Adventure - Day 2

On the second day of our adventure (read about the first day here), we started our day at Vatican City. Let me just first say that I didn't realize how un-informed I was about this area, did ya'll know that it is considered a "country"!? Like a legit country with their own train and post office? Yeah, me either.

Also, before I begin with the endless amounts of pictures let me say that if you are ever going to visit the Vatican make you actually book a tour, otherwise just trying to walk all up in there will result in standing in line for 6 hours while being pestered by people selling fake sunglasses and purses on the street. I felt really sorry for the people we passed as we just walked right up to the doors with our tour guide.

my ticket
our group riding the escalator up to the museum
a model of Vatican City
Our enthusiastic tour guide

Haha our girls pretending to take a bath in the giant marble tub (by this time we'd seen more than our fair share of art and statues and were making our own fun)
the beautiful ceiling in the hall of tapestries
these people do NOT play about their ceilings
it's amazing.
I had no idea how high up we were until I looked out the window and saw this, my ankle however quickly realized how  far we had gone once we had to go BACK down all the stairs
those stairs. they were crazy. like ramps but.. not. the boot did NOT like.
then of course there's the ceilings that makes all other ceilings look stupid, that of the Sistene Chapel. btw, I definitely had to sneak this picture because you aren't actually supposed to take photos in the chapel, I think Jesus understands though
had to be even sneakier with this picture of the Judgement Day painting on the Sistene wall
As soon as we left the chapel we went to St. Peter's Square with hopes of visiting St. Peter's Basilica but once we got to the square and saw that the line to get into the basilica wrapped around the Square, we quickly changed our mind.

the Basilica
we walked around awhile then decided to grab some lunch. this was where it got interesting. Restaurants send their employees out on the street to try and grab people to come eat there. Well we saw a place we wanted to eat and one of the waiters was quick to get us in the door and to a table, but then we just kept sitting there hearing the other waiters talk about us in Italian and ignore us before we finally just got up and left. We found another restaurant that really wanted our business and had some amazing lasagna.

After lunch we had to board the bus and head to the Roman Forum and Colosseum. It was amazing. All I could think about was the movie "Jumper" when they visited the Colosseum. The boot did NOT like the stairs at the Colosseum, but the climb was worth it. Check it out...

the BOOT does the Colosseum
all the kids and Mrs. Vivian in the Colosseum
Ashton & Molly being silly Americans

the Arch Septimius Severus, and why yes I did automatically wonder if that is where J.K. Rowling got Snape's name from
one of my favorite pictures from the Forum
everyone at the restaurant for supper
Mrs. Viv & me at supper, might I mention that neither of our flat irons would work in Rome, even with the adapter and converter, hers fried on the first day and mine just wouldn't even turn on - her hair is usually much fluffier and mine was a HOT mess in Rome.
I am going to try to post tomorrow about day 3, our free day in Rome where we visited the Trevi fountain and Spanish steps and got miserably lost trying to find our restaurant for dinner.


  1. Girl you are amazing, I don't know how you did all that walking with that boot! I would've given up and just stayed at the hotel. ha! Love the pictures!!

  2. What fun! Way to go sneaking in the pictures.