Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Target Tuesday

Today I am linking up with Tara @ Fabulous but Evil for Target Tuesday!

In preparation for my trip, which is ONLY 5 DAYS AWAY, I visited le ole Tar-jay to pick up a few packing necessities....

Travelon Compression Packing Bags
I highly recommend these compression bags. You put your close in then roll out the air, it makes for SO much more room in your luggage, which for me is always a problem, it also protects your stuff in case your luggage gets damaged or wet. 
A bright, lime green luggage belt by Embark

My luggage is all soft Vera Bradley duffeel bags, so I am using  Josh's dark blue rolling bag to travel overseas, meaning I will never be available to pick it out from the rest of the bags on the baggage claim  belt, so I invested in a bright lime green which I had monogrammed in hot pink of course.

Some more bangles

I ADORE these braided bangles, and they're only $4 a piece. I already have them in purple & gold (of course) but I figured I needed a few more. These may not really be necessary for travel, but hey a girls got to accessorize. 

Travel-sized everything

I know I should go the cheaper route and just fill up those little 3 oz. containers with my soap and such, but I make SUCH a mess doing it, and it is so much more convenient to buy them this way, and you certainly can't make your own travel-sized hair spray.

Mossimo Supply Co. Color-Block Maxi Dress
same theory as I have for bangles, you can never have too many maxi dresses

Make sure you come by tomorrow to hear about how I almost lost my free trip to Europe. Oh yeah, tears were cried and tantrums were thrown. I may have actually said, "Jesus hates me".


  1. SUPER JEALOUS OF YOUR ROME AND PARIS TRIP!!! ;) I love this maxi dress. Lovely colors. Wishing you fun on your trip. I found your blog through the Target Tuesday Link UP. YAY

    Ashlie @goldenandlovely

  2. those braided bracelts are adorable!!! i was just at taret but didn't seem them....

    cute cute cute!

  3. Eeek! You are going to love Paris and Rome! We traveled to both cities on our honeymoon! You have to go eat ice-cream at a place called Berthillon in Paris...it is SO delicious that we got it every single day! If you want to try crepes, go to La Créperie Saint Germain...they were amazing! Love all the Target stuff you bought! How exciting! Happy Tuesday, friend!

  4. oh wow that maxi dress is so cute!! i need it!

  5. I'm SO jealous of your European vacation..and i LOVE that maxi dress. Hope you have a great time!

  6. Like everyone else, I'm in love with that dress. Those colors go so well together. Have a wonderful time!!