Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I almost ruined my free trip to Europe

This weekend started out like any other weekend.

Saturday I ran to Walmart for groceries then took Sawyer to the Easter egg hunt at church (expect cute pictures from that tomorrow) and we ate supper at home before being lazy bums and going to bed at like 10.

Sunday, we went to our church then I ran to Belk to get Josh some clothes while they had their big sale. Mind you, on Saturday all their men's pants were buy one get two free, but then on Sunday when I went they were only buy one get one free, but oh well. Josh got four pairs of pants and four shirts for $170.
I even to got Josh to agree to letting me buy him these Nantucket Red pants, couldn't believe it.
Well, after my shopping trip we went to Rest-A-Bit Farm, a farm owned by some church members from Josh's parent's partner church (the Edmondson's go to Temperance Hall United Methodist which has a sister church in Pinetops called Pinetops United Methodist). They were having a picnic and were showing their new-ish preacher the area where we used to have the "Walk With Jesus" production on the farm.

This is where it all went down...

Josh and I were playing soccer (I scored three goals on him by the way, boo-yah) and I was fine, no knee pain, no nothing. Then went to play basketball, no falling, no knee pain, no nothing. Then I walked away from the court to get a ball, rolled my ankle and fell to the ground in excruciating pain convinced I had broken my entire foot/ankle area.

Seriously, just walked.

Thanks to my lovely Clark Wallabees with their thick soles, I rolled my ankle so hard my ankle bone actually touched the pavement.

My first thought when I hit the ground? How I am going to walk around Europe next week with a broken ankle?!

Well, I laid there, writhing in pain for a few minutes before I told Josh we just had to go home so I could go ahead and ice my already swelling ankle. So I limped away and we drove to the house.

This is what my ankle looked like when we got there:

side view. where is my ankle bone?
So of course I had a giant pity party, crying over the pain, crying over possibly missing my once-in-a-lifetime trip and crying that I must have done something to anger baby Jesus for this punishment (yes I know how dumb that is).

Daddy came over and looked at it and told me to prepare myself for to be broken and the possibility that I may not be able to go to Europe (which was followed by more tears).

The next morning my awesome Papa came over and took me to get the X-Ray and praise god it ISN'T BROKEN!!! It is incredibly sprained and I just have to wear a lovely brace and walk on crutches for the rest of this week.

Please be in prayer not only for me, but for my amazing husband who now has to take care of both me and Sawyer all by himself.

Tomorrow I promise to post nice pictures from the fun part of the weekend.


  1. Whew! Close call! Hope you're are feeling back to normal asap!

  2. oh wow!!! girl, wallabees are THE WORST for doing happens to me on a normal basis, but I'm sure its 10 times worse for you with your knee and what not. So glad you still get to go on your trip!

  3. Yikes! Keep that ankle elevated! I hope you're up and running (so to speak) quickly. :-) Oh, and be careful on all the cobblestone roads/paths in Europe! I've hurt myself a few times over there on those suckers!

  4. OMG woman I'm so glad it wasn't broken!! Get as much rest as possible. You CANNOT miss that trip!

  5. Oh no! I've been meaning to ask how it happened - I've done the SAME thing in my wallabees. Sending lots of prayers up for you that you'll be 100% by the time you hop on that transatlantic flight!

  6. I am so glad it is not broken and you get to go on your dream trip