Thursday, April 5, 2012

the good parts of the weekend

The weekend wasn't all bad despite my injury. Sawyer had a great time at both the Easter egg hunt at church and at the picnic at Rest-A-Bit Farm too. Here are few pictures of him enjoying himself...

We had the Easter egg hunt inside this year since it was so rainy on Saturday, but Sawyer had a good time regardless. 

the mandatory group shot
Sawyer and his nursery buddy Nicole
playing with Bailey
hanging with the big kids
playing ball with daddy
my guys

he was more interested in eating the eggs than finding them

the very second after I took this picture Sawyer slammed his noggin into that red bench, which is funny because that bench almost broke my leg when it fell on me when I was little
see that big red place on his little head, bless his clumsy heart, I have no idea where he gets that from (wink)

Of course after the hunt we had to go visit Mema Dean so she could see his outfit and for a quick photo shoot.
reading a book with Mema 

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  1. What fun. We took the nephews egg hunting yesterday and then died eggs.