Friday, June 15, 2012

HIlton Head 2012 (long post/picture dump)

As you know if you've been reading my blog long, my family and I vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC every summer. It is truly my favorite place to be. This year was our first year going with Sawyer (since I couldn't go last year) and man was it an experience.

Sadly, Tropical Storm Beryl came through while we were there and we didn't really get to enjoy the beach Sunday through Tuesday, so we hung out by our pool.
sawyer hitting John John on the head
splashing with Daddy
blowing bubbles
such a littler water bug
showing us his lunch
Then on Tuesday when it REALLY rained, we visited The Sandbox, an interactive children's museum that Sawyer LOVED.

Each room had a little theme to it such as pirates, construction, safari and marketplace. Sawyer really liked the fun "magic sand" and the Under Two section where there were just fun toys for the smaller kids.

Sawyer on top of the Pirate ship
..where he found two "Nemos" that he didn't want to let go
too close, too fast.

They had the COOLEST lights at the Sandbox, they're shaped like flying bugs!

Sawyer really liked the room with just toys in it, which was weird considering most of the toys are like those he has at home that he doesn't have anything to do with.

I will say that I had to control my temper several times with parents letting their kids run wild, knocking my kid down and snatching his toys away. Grrr, mama bear wanted to kill.

And now I bring you, the "Harrell" face, apparently someone inherited my temper....
try to ignore his Baby Mullet

When the weather improved we enjoyed our usual schedule of beach before lunch followed by a nap and then the pool.

Laying out on the beach isn't much of an option anymore with a 16 mo. old running around throwing sand, stealing other children's sand toys and wanting to eat seashells. Luckily, husband isn't much for laying out anyway so he enjoyed a lot of the sand play time.

love how wide the beach is in HHI
loving the water
the Harrell compound

Sawyer with his Papa
 Poor John John was so patient with Sawyer, he climbed all over him while he laid on the beach until finally John gave up and tugged Sawyer around on his boogie board (on the sand).

The boys tried to play tailgate golf, but Sawyer decided he needed to "help" them... tailgate golf didn't last too long.

Sawyer LOVED the sand, and played with it forever. He also enjoyed eating it.

my daddy took these, aren't they precious?
me and Sawyer enjoying a snack of goldfish and sun chips.
napping with Daddy
On Thursday night, mama, daddy & mema kept the Bug so the "young people" could go get some dinner. We headed to the Kingfisher at Shelter Cove and enjoyed some great seafood and an even better view.

Then we had to have a photo shoot the last night (my dad is quite the photographer).
Mema insisted on a "four generations" picture
me & husband

how cute is this?


  1. love these pictures! Sawyer just keeps getting cuter :) It looks like y'all had such a blast!

  2. I love the pictures. So glad y'all had fun.