Monday, June 25, 2012

Kathryn's Bistro & Martini Bar

Bleh it's Monday, which makes me not happy.

BUT, what does make me happy is thinking about the amazing dinner Josh & I had Friday night.

back story: While Josh & Sawyer were enjoying themselves on the beach all week with Josh's family, I was stuck at work, so Thursday night I decided to surprise them by joining them at the beach - I only got two nights (Thurs & Fri) but it was still wonderful to get away.

Originally we had planned on celebrating our anniversary at a bistro called Kathryn's (a restaurant Josh's cousin Pam, who lives at EI, had recommended) while we were at the beach, but since I didn't have enough vacation days to go, we just celebrated with some takeout.

However, when I got to the beach, Josh's family agreed to keep Sawyer for us Friday night so we could go to Kathryn's anyway.

Let me tell you - it was divine, and I don't use that word often because it sounds a little pretentious. But for real ya'll, it was ah-mazing

We started with two martinis (which was quite a decision considering they have an entire menu dedicated to martini choices). Joshua had the Southern Tides (Southern Comfort, Amaretto, a "splash" of Sour Apple Pucker and pineapple juice) and I had the Emerald Isle (Midori, Malibu, Blue Curacao, and pineapple juice) - seriously the best thing I have ever had the pleasure of drinking, so I had another. Even though they were $11 a piece, they were completely worth it. 

For our appetizer we enjoyed the Frito Misto which had calamari, tempura battered shrimp and crispy fried oysters with a cilantro lime dipping sauce. I was a little surprised how long it took to get our meal after we finished, I took it as a sign that I needed to enjoy a third martin, this time I tried the Fuzzy Martini (Ciroc Peach, Kettle One Orange Vodka, Peach Schnapps and a splash of OJ). Marvelous.

my Fuzzy martini
You have seen this tweet...

Hubs enjoyed the Pan Seared Ahi Tuna Filet with shitake mushrooms, spinach and garlic "smashed" potatoes. I had the Carolina Classic, which included giant gulf shrimp and applewood bacon with scallions, crimini mushrooms and garlic, all mixed in cheesy grits. Yeah, it was seafood heaven in a bowl.

Carolina Classic
The only negative thing I could say about Kathryn's is their location and marketing. I know those seem silly, but if I was looking for a "nice" upscale place to dine I wouldn't have found Kathryn's. The logo and signage seems more casual and island-y with it's curly font and it's location is on the end of a strip of stores.
I worry that people who hadn't heard from a friend of a friend that it's a delicious place to eat may drive right by it. However, it was awarded #1 Fine Dining in the Crystal Coast for two years in a row, so maybe those things don't matter?

FYI: I was not compensated for this post, nor did I think anyone at Kathryn's will read it, just thought I'd suggest a yummy place if you're ever in the Emerald Isle, NC area


  1. I agree about the poor marketing and location. I've never been, but I tend to not take restaurants in strip centers too seriously. Same thing with Watermark in AB, super small and in a strip center..but amazing food!

  2. This sounds amazing! Unfortunately I live NO WHERE near that. I would never think a strip mall restaurant to be anything fancy. We have one here in RI that is like that...It's never too packed either and I always feel bad!

  3. We were in EI this past weekend celebrating our anniversary. I saw this place when we were trying to figure out where to eat but it looked really casual. We ended up in Morehead at Ice House.

  4. WOW I am dying over your plate! and those martinis!! that was really sweet of his family to let y'all have that date.