Tuesday, February 21, 2012

bad blogger/weekend update

Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been so MIA lately, I just realized I haven't posted since Valentine's Day, yikes. Once again, things have been ridiculous at work lately and I have been working some crazy hours hence the lack of blogging/commenting.

Hopefully things are about to calm down a little. Here is a little update on how things are going, and also how I spent the weekend.

My friend Leslie sells Kelly's Kids and her mom was hosting an open house, so Sawyer & I took a little trip to Tarboro to check out all the wonderful clothes.

I may have purchased this precious reversible John John...
Sawyer of course was entertained by his bad Uncle Chris who not only gave him cinnamon rolls, but CHOCOLATE cinnamon rolls. His response? "That's what bad uncles do."

After that we hit up Target... bad decision.

I got Sawyer these precious t-shirts
loving the Darth Vader one the best, it goes great with the two other super-dork t-shirts Dee got him for his birthday
from Aunt Dee
I also found these three great bracelets that are part of Target's "3 for $12" deal.

Once we got home, Sawyer and Josh went for walk/ride in the wagon.

Sookie decided at some point Saturday night that the bed no longer belongs to Josh and I, but is her own personal sleeping place. She hogged my spot and had to be physically removed.
just so you know, that is a King sized bed, of which my 100 lbs. of chocolate lab takes up half.
Sunday was a pretty standard day, except it was my sissy's 19th birthday!

We went to Sunday school and church then came home and ate some leftovers since Mema Dean didn't cook Sunday. Sunday School was a little crazy because an older lady at church had a mini-stroke during her class and Daddy had to run down there and check on her and call the ambulance.

Then I was naughty and cleaned the house on a Sunday, something I usually try to avoid, but when you don't get home until late every night, what choice do you have?

I had to leave church early Sunday night because we were expecting snow/ice in Edgecombe County which means as the communications coordinator I had to be the one to send out the call, update the website, contact the news stations and such to let everyone know that the system would operate on two hour delay. No fun.

However, while I was at my parent's house using their internet and land-line to make the calls and such, Daddy did finally share his pictures from the birthday party.


And also a few others I haven't seen  before that he took once day at lunch at Olive Garden.
loves him a breadstick
but hates being put in the highchair

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  1. OMG all of those outfits are adorable! And I love those bracelets from Target. I bought a hot pink one like your purple and yellow ones and wear it all the time!

    Sawyer is such a cutie!! I don't blame him for loving those breadsticks! or cinnamon rolls. ha!