Wednesday, September 4, 2013

what you'll find here

The other week, someone asked me “what do you blog about” and I couldn't really think of a great response. I blog a little bit about everything, I basically dump my little brain onto the page whenever I can, but what’s the majority of my content?

  • Recipes – but only every once in a while. Joshua (my husband) has Celiac, so they’re usually gluten free for all you healthy kids out there (although we are FAR from health nuts at my house, those gluten free dishes usually have their fair share of other fun carbs, fats and sugars in them)
Gluten Free Coconut Shrimp & Cilantro Lime Dip

  • DIY Projects – I love to craft, whenever I can find a minute (and whenever I can sneak a Hobby Lobby bag by my husband) so you’ll probably find a few fun little do-it-yourself projects (that I stole off Pinterest)
moss monogram wreath
  • Party-Planning and Recaps – I love to plan, create and throw parties whether that be a shower, bachelorette or other event so you’ll probably find more than a few of the aforementioned DIY projects related to parties and then recaps of how said party was decorated and how it went
Hope's baby shower
Retirement Banquet
  • My dream of restoring, opening and running an event barn – you'll probably here about this more than you’ll want to
to dream...
  • Funny stories about my fur-kid and human kid – not that often, but every once in awhile I’ll tell you about a new way my 105 lb. chocolate lab, Sookie or my 36 lb. ginger baby Sawyer has found a way to embarrass me and my husband or has done something so ridiculous I had to share
meet the chocolate beast, Sookie
my favorite Sawyer story

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