Thursday, August 22, 2013

morning madness.

I have a 27 minute drive to work and before that a good 45 (or closer to 20 when I over sleep…) minutes of getting ready for work while everyone else is sleeping. So what happens when I have that much time alone in my head… a lot of dumb thoughts.

5:30am – where is that stupid phone? Ah, there it is… now where is the snooze option…
5:45am – has it already been 15 minutes? I don’t really have to get up now, I mean the guys don’t care how I look and I can wear my hair in a messy bun or something.
6:00am – I guess I should really get up… otherwise I will not only have a messy head but an un-made-up face too
6:15am – why does everything seem brighter and louder in the morning?
6:20am - Okay makeup that won’t last past the sweatiness of 11am, check. Teeth brushed, check. Clothes on, check. Now to attack this rat’s nest on my head.
6:22am – I should be almost out the door right now, not adding another layer of baby powder to this oily hair..
6:23am – Is it already that late!?! Guess I will be grabbing one of Sawyer’s Go-Gurts for breakfast…
6:25am – I love this car, but I always forget to put my foot on the brake to hit that nifty start button.
6:27am – What am I going to listen to on this drive? Ohhh I forgot I had downloaded “The Best of Ja-Rule” so obviously that’s it.
6:30am – “like that stormy night you wrote a dear Ja letter took my benz keys and cut the letter b…” wait how do I remember these lyrics?
6:30am – Whatever happened to ole Ja?
6:33am – Man, why is everyone so slow, don’t they know I need to get to work?
6:34am – ahhh, cop cop cop. Don’t pull me. Don’t pull me. Don’t pull me. Jesus, I promise not to ever speed again if this copper doesn’t pull me.
6:36am – praise baby jesus.
6:37am 6:40am – hardcore rapping
6:45am – Lauren, stop looking at that BoJangles, you had the yogurt, you DO NOT need a Biscuit.
6:47am – it would be so good though…
6:50am – this line has got to move quick, I’m running way too behind to wait for 6 other people to get their BoJangles too…
6:53am – when that chick said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, she has obviously never had BoJangles…
6:55am – I should blog about how awesome BoJangles is…
6:58am – alright I’m four miles from the office, but that’s basically 2 minutes later right?
7:00am – my clock is like two minutes fast anyway…..

 What do you think about in the mornings during your drive to work?

And because no post is complete without a picture... 
you've got to be pretty G to pull off mickey ears and a gang sign at the same time.


  1. I love how Sawyer is like, "Oh yeah? What of it? DEUCES!"

  2. hahahaha my favorite is the hardcore rapping! it take me about 15 minutes to get ready ( i just don't care) but I have a 35 min commute. it's awful!

  3. Singing along to the radio. And there is a show that does a entertainment quiz for tickets to something local and I play along.