Monday, August 12, 2013

grow town grow!

I am so proud of our town, and even more proud of my amazing husband and all he has done and is trying to do for Tarboro.

As the planning director, Josh is supposed to foster growth in local businesses and also help bring new businesses to the area. Through grants and other community foundations, so much has already happened to breathe more life into our downtown area since Josh began his new position in September 2012.

But the most exciting thing that is coming our way is the Tarboro Brewing Company.

Two local restaurateurs who are extraordinarily involved in many aspects of our community are working with some investors and Josh to restore an old corner service station to start a local brewery with a tap room and great event space. Their restaurant, On the Square, is absolutely delicious and has become the place to eat (you should stop in if you’re ever near the area!), so I can only imagine how successful the brewery will be! I am so proud also of how our community has rallied behind the idea (read the article from our local paper about the brewery here)!

View the video below to hear about Tarboro Brewing Company and visit this link for more information or to make a donation!

Some more local citizens were inspired by the story of the coming brewery and purchased a restaurant that closed in 2011 with hopes of creating the Edgecombe Events Center (read the article from our local paper here). Since the restaurant has a large ballroom space in the back, it will be perfect for receptions, meetings and other events. I, of course, am most excited about this venture because I am hoping they’ll maybe need an events coordinator whenever they get up off the ground (after all, my dream is to some day own my very own venue space).
the old restaurant, soon-to-be events center

Other exciting businesses coming our way are Hibbett Sports and Walgreens! Here’s hoping that our town will continue to blossom and that Josh will help keep our downtown growing and thriving!


  1. Such exciting stuff! That's amazing that your husband is playing a key role in all of this development. My town is right outside of Atlanta so sometimes its hard to get people involved and truly support local businesses rather than driving a few minutes out to other places or into downtown so this is awesome!!

  2. How exciting! I knew the minute you mentioned the event center that it would be right up your alley!

  3. One of my co-workers was just talking about how good On the Square is. If I'm ever in the area, I'll have to try it out!

  4. That's seriously such exciting stuff to hear about! Your honey is doing an amazing job, it sounds like! And can I come work with you when you have your own venue space? ;) Dream job!

  5. I hope y'all continue to see nice things happen in your home town.

  6. I have family in Wilson, NC. Last summer when I visited, they took us to dinner at On the Square. SO GOOD! Can't wait to go back next time I visit- and next time, I'll have to check out the brewery, too!