Wednesday, August 14, 2013

i drove it home.

so yesterday, Josh, Sawyer and I went to the local Jeep dealership where Josh and his parents have always bought their Jeeps from to just "take a look" at a nice used Jeep Grand Cherokee... four hours later I drove it home

I can't even explain how surprised I was when I was handed the keys to this thing. I am convinced that car salesmen are magical creatures who distract you with hats and bunnies in the shape of complimentary water and snacks then BAM you just signed your life away for a vehicle. 

look deeeeep into my screen, when I count backwards from 3 you will want to buy me....
Although we really lucked out since the payments on the Jeep are almost the exact same as my Escape and the Jeep is LOADED with a nav system, one of those push button ignition things and a magical door handle that unlocks when I touch it. My favorite feature is that my key fob thing now has a remote start so on those cold mornings when I head to work at 6:20am, I can start the car from inside the house when I'm in the last steps of getting ready and it will be all toasty and warm once I get inside (not to mention heated seats, yay!). It also has rear cameras that will help the whole "backing into my husband's jeep in the driveway" thing...

this can now be PREVENTED thanks to a back up camera.... hopefully.
AND it has SO much more room which was our main concern with the Escape (since we bought it in 2010 with NO PLANS of having a baby, then oops had one the next year). Now we can sit in the back comfortably with a car seat and still have room for stuff in the giant trunk space in the back

So, I am pumped. Even though I looked like a HOT mess at the dealership (i went straight from work so picture me in a Duck-Rabbit t-shirt, dirty jeans and toms with my hair in a messy bun that was a lot more messy than bun) and Sawyer through about a million fits inside the place. I am glad we were able to trade in my Escape while it still had some value left since the miles were getting on up there and let's be honest, the back of that thing looked terrible from hitting Josh's Jeep. 

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? What kind of cars are you looking at?


  1. Jeeps are great! Definitely one of my favorite cars (out of the 52976 cars Robbie's had). Congrats!!

  2. I see a winged badge Jeep Grand Cherokee .
    It also has the shape I've accustomed to see on Chrysler products over the years.
    I just hope they don't have a strip of chrome connecting the tail lamps like everyone else.