Tuesday, August 13, 2013

a boy and his dog.

I was a little worried when we brought Sawyer home from the hospital back in Feb. 2011, that Sookie would be jealous or resent him for taking up some of her play time with us, but I was so wrong to fret because they have grown into the best of friends. 


.... and now
as you can see, they share a talent for not looking at the camera as well...
They tag team us some times and create some mischief, like when Sookie whines in the laundry room only because she knows Sawyer is in the kitchen and will get her a bone if he hears her "crying" (while she knows me and Josh will just kindly remind her that she already had two bones that day already).

They also fight like brother and sister, like last night when we were jumping in puddles after the rain storm and Sookie decided she too wanted an angry birds towel and stole Sawyer's off the steps. Sawyer through a fit and when he tried to get it back she knocked him right down in the mud and ran away with the towel.

I am so happy that Sawyer has Sookie to play with and learn from.She has taught him how to love, not be afraid of other dogs and share (although that is something she needs to learn how to do more herself)

Read more about Sookie and Sawyer from this post when Sookie visited the blog, or read this post about when Sookie met Sawyer for the first time. 


  1. Aww they are so sweet! Love the story about the towel haha :)

  2. There is nothing cuter than a boy and his dog. I love that they are best friends! And I don't think I've mentioned it - but I am IN LOVE with your new blog design! So impressed!!

  3. I am glad that they get along.