Friday, February 15, 2013

two cars in two weeks I am not a good driver.

I have extreme road rage and I don't like to pay attention.

I admit it.

I have wrecked twice in the snow, crushed my grandma's car by backing into her in her driveway, and also been known to knock my car door into other people's car doors in parking lots (my bad).

But in the past two weeks, I have managed to have two minor fender benders. Two.

Last week, I backed into husband's prized possession (his jeep) in our driveway. He never parks behind me and I was running late so I threw my car in reverse and hit the gas without looking behind me. BAM, right into the jeep. His baby (and by baby I obviously mean the jeep, not his wife) is fine since has has a giant grill guard thing on the front. But my car, not so much....

Perfect indent of the grill bar thing.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day. Things were going well, husband surprised me with flowers (something he usually doesn't do) and lunch.

After leaving lunch (with a belly FULL of delicious mexican food) I got behind a little old lady and a young guy in a red truck at a stoplight.

After we stopped at the light and were about to go over railroad tracks a few feet ahead the little old lady SLAMMED on brakes. The guy in the red truck tried to swerve and miss her while slamming on brakes and I tried the same thing but BAM, I "tapped" his back bumper.

We pulled off the road onto the median in the middle of the road and I climbed out saying "oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" Luckily he was super nice (and kinda cute, not to mention named Mark which is my dad's name) and there wasn't any damage except some paint marks, but he still called the police.

Now, we live in a small, small town. So obviously everyone and their brother saw the cars and were all omg, are ya'll alright?! and my favorite "did you have an accident?!" to which I replied "um no, we just felt like hanging on the median here in the middle of lunch break traffic, no big deal."

Then I made the phone call I dreaded... the one to Josh. He couldn't believe I'd hit somebody else and said he was going to take back my valentine's day flowers and my keys too. Thankfully nobody was hurt, nobody got a ticket and the cars are fine, save for a few little scratches.

How's your driving?


  1. The only accident (knock on wood) I've ever gotten in involved a parked car...oops. One happened when I was running late to class and after FINALLY spotting a parking spot, I rushed to whip it in and didn't really judge correctly and smacked right into the bumper of the truck parked next to the spot and get this, the owner was SITTING in his car. Of course, I was in tears and we got out, no damage to his truck whatsoever but my passenger side back seat door has a cute dent in it. Luckily it kind of works with the lines of the car so it's not tooo noticeable. He was cool about it and actually gave me a hug because I was upset, haha!

  2. i have horrible road rage. surprised i haven't gotten myself in too much trouble because of it.

    although i was at the bank drive thru a couple of months ago and they were taking foooorrrreever! so i slammed my jeep (also my baby) into reverse and punched on the gas only to shortly slam into the car behind me. (i never checked my rear view mirror) i was so embarrassed. The guy was not the nicest and was like, i know you totally didn't look. and he called the cops. but since we were on private property i didn't get a ticket. but still one of my most embarrassing moments right there.

  3. Seriously knock on wood but I've only been in 2 accidents, one minor and totally my fault and one major one (broken bones and stuff) and it wasn't my fault. I'd like to say I'm a pretty good driver for the most part but I have the WORST road rage also. I'm trying to contain it more now that I have V in the car with me but it's so hard to not get so upset!!

    Sorry about your fender benders :/ Just glad you and your car are ok!

  4. Oh my! Glad you are alright! We live in a super tiny town, and when we lived in a big city, I commuted everyday and had a lead foot. Now I drive much more infrequently, so I drive slow most days!

  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear about BOTH of your accidents. I have actually backed into my parents car TWICE (in the driveway as well) so I must say that we must be on about the same level with our driving! Haha!