Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Circus Trip

Josh and I made the decision this year to take Sawyer to the circus instead of throwing a huge party like last year.

Best decision ever. 

We saw the Ringling Brothers "Dragon" show and Sawyer was absolutely enthralled by it. While he had his moments of antsy-ness, especially during the "people acts" like the trapeze stuff and the martial arts stuff, he really enjoyed the animals and clowns. 

My only complaint? I wasn't allowed to take in my nice camera. When I got up to the gate to show them our tickets the ticket guy saw my Rebel XT on my shoulder and said I couldn't bring it because it has interchangeable lens? I wouldn't have minded as much IF they had put that on the ticket information so I would know to bring a different camera  Instead, I had to walk all the way back to our car and put up the camera and use our cell phones to take pictures. But besides that (and the crazy costs of food) we had a GREAT time!

Here are some pics from our day at the circus. 
the program for the show (yikes, $15...)
someone had to have a snow cone..

fuzzy phone shot before the show
everyone on the floor before the show

singing the Star Spangled banner and the first elephant sighting!

crazy opening act, so much going on!
There were all kinds of human acts like the Flying Caceres, a trapeze act...
the crazy Troupe Scala who bounced on this bouncy Russian bar thing...
And of course the aerial dancers, my favorite:

And of course there were cool animals, which Sawyer loved the most.
absolutely captivated.
 Our favorites were the Cossacks and their amazing horse tricks...

the big cats and Alexander Lacy, their trainer person.
crazy to think that cage around it is there to keep the animals from you know, going rouge and killing us all...
and Sawyer's favorite, the elephants!

I highly recommend the circus, I am glad we waited until he was a little older to go, I can't imagine him sitting still like that if he was younger. We paid about $30 a ticket so we could sit a little closer and I'm glad we did, definitely worth it!


  1. I hate that about your camera. But the pics still turned out great

  2. Oh I love his little sweet face, he looks SO INTO IT!! :) And that sucks about your camera! I hate when they do that. But you did get some great shots at least!