Tuesday, February 19, 2013

my baby sister is 20.

Today, my little sister (and the coolest person I know) is turning 20. TWENTY. How did that happen?

Deanna and Sawyer blowing out candles Friday night for her birthday.
We are so much alike in so many ways from our taste in clothes and our ridiculous sense of humor to our clumsiness and of course, facial expressions.

She is truly my soul mate and the first call I make (after Josh) whenever something happens in my life - whether I need a shoulder to cry on, someone to (try to) keep me in check or a person to share something exciting with.

It's weird to look UP to your LITTLE sister, but I can truly say that I admire her devotion to the Lord more than just about anyone else's, her ability to face adversity while holding on to grace and her unfailing faith.

The only thing we don't share? Organizational skills. See below example of how Deanna lives while we're on vacation...
(we also share booty shape... just sayin')

I love you Dee, more than I can even say, thanks for being the best sissy there is. 

another great part about Dee? The fact that she brought John John into our family.
summers in Hilton Head, SC
my freshman year of college, you're welcome Dee for this picture. 

VINTAGE summers in Hilton Head, SC

obviously our fashion sense developed later in life

in Aug. 2009 with our Mema Dean

Happy Birthday Deanna!


  1. You guys are like twins! You're so lucky to have a sister who is close in age to you - hope she has a great birthday!

  2. My little sister just turned 21 and I felt ancient lol :) What a beautiful relationship you have, Happy Birthday to her!!!!

  3. Deja vu! I have a picture of me and my sister in almost the same floral dress and the butterfly clips. SUCH fashionistas!