Monday, February 11, 2013

I have a two year old.

On Sunday, my little monkey turned TWO and I can barely handle it. How did he go from being my baby bug to being a little man?

sneak peak at pictures from his little birthday gathering (not a party)
So what's going on with our two-year-old?

He loves to talk and can say just about anything he wants... including a few things I wish he wouldn't (i.e. "mommy pooted" and bad words, which he got from his daddy of course). My favorite phrases he says are "I love you baby" (which he definitely got from hearing his daddy say it to me) and "Come on Jack!!" (thanks Duck Dynasty).

He has become so independent and demands to do things himself or "help" mommy and daddy do things.
mouth full of food "helping" mommy pack up some old clothes (diaper boxes are the best ever by the way, so sturdy)
Sadly, his latest thing is being sick all the time, ever since his hospital stay in December he has had some sort of sickness off and on, I swear he needs a plastic bubble.

during his hospital stay in December

He has become obsessed with Nick Jr. shows like Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi and sits way too close to the TV. Sawyer has also developed a love for coloring!
sorry for the grainy pic, not sure what happened - but here he is sitting in his tailgate chair with his feet propped up watching TV... just like his dady.

He's still in love with Old McDonald and all things related to farm animals.

Blankey is still his favorite thing, along with his bunny.
snuggling with blankey and bunny

We've tried teaching him manners and we can get "yes ma'am" and "no sir" and of course "please" and "thanks" but his will not say "ma'am" instead of huh? which I despise. We're working on it though.

The potty adventures are about to begin and I dread them. He's used it sometimes when he's about to get in the bathtub, but rarely.  (he will kill me for this picture one day:)

He isn't very interested in eating lately, and has gotten pretty picky about what he'll eat. Stubborn child.

But, we are so beyond blessed to have such an amazing little boy. I will post on our trip to the circus tomorrow and some pictures from our family gathering for his birthday on Wednesday!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Sawyer!! He is too cute. And quoting Duck Dynasty....I die!! Hahaha that is hilarious.

  2. Happy Birthday! crazy how fast it goes! what a beautiful boy you have!

  3. Seriously such a big boy!! Happy Birthday, Sawyer!!

  4. so even though I've been reading your blog for a while, I apparently just "officially" became a follower. I'm not quite sure how that happened....anywho, he is such a little man. but that picture of him and his bunny - I die. too sweet!