Thursday, September 5, 2013

the post that was supposed to be posted on Monday...

I'm apparently confused about my days this week because I scheduled this post for next Monday instead of this past Monday, my bad y'all.

Of course if you follow me on Instagram then you pretty much already know what I did all weekend. Saturday was full of football, tailgating and getting to see our tailgate crew (I always say that the best part of football season is getting to see our friends almost every weekend).

Saturday was our first game of the season in Dowdy Ficklen stadium, so my friends and I got to the tailgate field around 11:30am and spent the day preparing for our game vs. ODU at 7pm. It felt so amazing to be back in Elmhurst Lot with my Pirate family and celebrating our team with a packed house.

flip cupppppppp

me, Josh, my sister and her John John

oh hey wind in my hair. 

My favorite group of pictures from the weekend captures me and Kate not only getting ready for our pic (with a hair flip and a "hold on a minute" gesture) but also a great photo bomb by our friend Laura.

I cooked some delicious new recipes Saturday...

Fruit Salsa with cinnamon pita chips

...and my pitiful Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots (side note: always set a timer so you don't forget you "just stuck something in the oven to warm up")

Sunday we went to church, had lunch at Mema Dean’s (which was such a blessing since she hasn’t felt like cooking in quite some time) then went to Josh’s grandparents in T.Hall and napped, played outside and enjoyed an amazing low country boil.

I spent Labor Day doing some labor (I know, I know that is the opposite of what you’re supposed to do) and cleaned the house, did laundry and washed dishes but thankfully got to the spend the afternoon watching season 1 of Hart of Dixie, I have become SO addicted to this show!!

How was your weekend... last weekend?


  1. You and your sister look so much alike!! And I'm so jealous y'all are back at it again tonight...have fun!!

  2. It looks like y'all had a blast. And I love Hart of Dixie