Monday, September 9, 2013

solo vacay.

Josh and I have been on exactly two trips by ourselves since we got married (not including our honeymoon) - neither of which have been longer than 3 nights or more than 5 hours away. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed our New Year's trip to Grove Park Inn (read about that here, here and here) and Josh's "surprise" trip to Durham for the Food Truck Rodeo (here and here), I think that for our fith anniversary next June I want to actually go somewhere, and somewhere warm (since both of those trips were in the winter).

husband doing what he does best on vacation... eating/drinking.
There are a few stipulations that accompany these travel ideas
1) The trip needs to be less than a week long (probably just 5 days)
2) Our destination needs to be within driving distance because...
3) Our hotel/cottage rentals has to cost less than $1500

While I thought about just visiting places we've been before like Hilton Head, Kiawah Island, Charleston, Savannah or just the OBX - I decided that I really want to go somewhere off the beaten path and with a more low-key beach-town atmosphere that would allow us to park our car and bike the whole vacation. 

I thought about St. Simon's or Jekyll Island or maybe even Dafuskie (which technically is somewhere we've never been even though we've been on the Zodiak boats in the island's waters before), but then as I re-read a bunch of Mary Kay Andrews' books this summer, I started thinking about Tybee Island. 

via Southern Living
Andrews'  book "Savannah Breeze" featuring Tybee Island
So I started researching (because that is what OCD people do) and decided that it would be perfect

I took a Google Earth street tour of the entire island...

re-read my favorite Southern Living article about the island and its attractions...

visited Chow Hound & Yelp to see the dining options and then of course went back to Google and mapped how close all the restaraunts were to each other...

Then I visited the site that made up my mind about visiting, Mermaid Cottages. I had read about Mermaid Cottages on Mary Kay Andrews' blog before (she actually has a precious beach rental that she leases through Mermaid), but looking at the quaint cottages with their beautiful colors and laid-back styles I knew right away that Tybee is somewhere I want to visit. 
how precious are these!?!
Now I just have to convince Joshua that this is a necessary expense and that I need to get away for awhile next summer. 

Have you ever been to Tybee? Any suggestions on places to visit? 


  1. This just convinced me that you and I would be BFF's in real life. I ALWAYS want to go there after reading one of her novels!

  2. I have had friends to go there and loved it!

  3. My best friend has fallen in love with Tybee Island. They have gone twice on family vacations and love it.

  4. I have never been but always wanted to go! I love any southern coast :)

  5. We visited just for the day (to see the lighthouse) while we were in Savannah for our one year anniversary. We climbed the lighthouse and the view was gorgeous! It's pretty close to Savannah so you could swing by there, too, if you were interested.