Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Eve at Grove Park Inn

... so that title is right, but not really because today I am just telling you about our first evening at the Grove Park Inn, not the actual New Year's Eve part. Also, I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures, my camera was broken so all I had was my work cell camera.

Josh and I decided not to do Christmas gifts this year (except stocking stuffers) and instead purchased a three night stay at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. They had a wonderful New Year's Eve package (read about that in THIS post) so we took advantage of it and added another night to the package to enjoy the resort and Asheville even longer.

We arrived Friday, Dec. 30 around 4ish after driving the 5 hours from home.
husband, chewing on a straw and texting while driving.

front side of the main inn

We had researched and discovered it was best to just valet the car since it cost to park it over night either way and the area to park is a good distance away. So after we left the Escape with the valet and checked in and we went to check out our room

You can't read it very well there, but Mickey Mouse once stayed in our room in Feb. 1994!

After putting our luggage down we went to explore the rest of the grounds before our 5:30pm dinner reservation.
looking out our room window to the right, the spa is the glass-topped building
looking out our room to the left

Josh and I went through each wing and made sure we knew where the restaurants we had reservations at were and where the ballroom for the big NYE bash would be. We even saw a celebrity (to us at least). Any of ya'll watch "Moonshiners" on the Discovery Channel? We saw TIM! One of the moonshiners on the show!

And yes, he was definitely wearing that hat and those overalls walking around the Grove Park Inn. We didn't get a pic because he had his entire family with him and we hated to bother him, then we never saw him again.

We also stopped at the main bar for a drink and to hang out on the back terrace.

the main hall and the giant tree

Josh (and a Blue Moon) in front of the big Christmas tree
back of the hotel 
view off the back terrace
rest of the view 
We ate an amazing seafood buffet at The Blue Ridge Dining Room before heading downstairs to Elaine's Dueling Piano Bar to hear some comedians and some great music.
my plate... one of my plates
Joshua digging in
on the way down to Elaine's
Elaine's dueling piano bar
We didn't get back to our room until about 11pm but we decided to sit up for awhile and watch one of our movies we got for Christmas (since we knew we'd never get a chance to at home) so we watched "30 Minutes or Less" and laughed until we fell asleep.

Come back by tomorrow to hear about our experience in Downtown Asheville and the big New Year's Eve bash.


  1. those views are breathtaking! oh my goodness so pretty!!
    i would have a hard time leaving!

  2. That place looks amazing!! I bet it was so relaxing, my kinda trip! Can't wait to hear more!

  3. That sounds like the perfect gift