Monday, January 2, 2012

Bling Bling Link-Up

Hey ya'll! Gosh it seems like forever and a day since I posted! This past week and few days was full of awesome holiday cheer and events so I will most likely use this whole week catching up.  But first I'm linking up with Miss C Mae at Happiness Is.. for the Bling Bling Share Your Ring link-up!

I ADORE my engagement ring, which my husband Josh got from a local jeweler. I talked about how I wanted a vintage-y ring and my guy hit the nail right on the head. I adore it. (You can read about our engagement story here.) So you can imagine how horrible I felt when I had to have it cut off, along with one of my wedding bands, 2 weeks ago.

As you may have already read, I have been struggling with some blood pressure and fluid retention issues that have made it impossible to take my rings off.
my finger, all sausaged around my rings

Well, I had just kind of made myself believe that the swelling would go down eventually and my diamond and band would slip off then. However, when I went to a local jeweler to pick up a gift card, the store owner took a look at my hand as I grabbed the card and said 'Lauren! How do you even get those rings off with your fingers swollen like that?!" I sheepishly responded that I could not actually remove them to which he shook his head and began rummaging under the counter for his ring cutter. Needless to say, I was not emotionally prepared to have my beautiful engagement ring and little bands cut off my fat finger, but Mr. Rex assured me that he could put them back together a lot easier than it would be to put my finger back together. He slipped the little hook under my rings and turned the little grinder until they popped open. Luckily, my bottom band, which belonged to my Mema Kay was loose enough that it didn't need cutting.

So now I am wearing my Mema Kay's diamond cluster ring that she left to me when she passed away 04/27/09 as place holder. While I adore the ring, it stands almost an inch over my finger so I keep knocking it on things and is a little too flashy for my taste with its 3.5 carats.

I can hardly wait until I can get my other rings back!


  1. Both rings are GORGEOUS! But I can understand wanting YOUR ring - I hope you get it back soon!

  2. Sooo beautiful! So sorry you had to have them cut off! :( Hopefully you'll get them back soon!

  3. This is the first i've been to your blog and had no idea about your ring issue. When my mother got sick with cancer, she couldn't get her rings off for her radiation chemo treatments, so when she was in the hospital they had to put an ungodly amount of tape and bandages around and around her finger to "cover" it. Cutting it never came up as an option lol

    Thank you so much for linking up, I hope when your ring gets back to you, that you'll share how it looks again with us readers!

  4. Such a beauty! Both of them! I loved reading your story :) this was such a fun link up! Happy I found your cute blog through it!

  5. wow girl both of them are stunning :) your blog is adorable!

  6. Your ring is beautiful! I hope you it back soon!

  7. I know you miss your rings so much!!!

  8. WOWZA 3.5 carats is huge! Loved reading your story! Such a great blog you have