Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hungry dogs and smelley armpits: our engagement story

On July 28, 2007, Josh and I got engaged.

ahh, so young & thin

That is almost two whole years before we got married, but I wanted to have a big girl job before we settled down as man and wife (don't even get me started on the topic of still living on your parents' dollar while shacking up with your husband).

On that day, Josh and I were with his whole famn damily in Temperance Hall at his grandma's pool for his little brother's 17th birthday party.

We'd been in the sun all day and in and out of the pool, so towards the afternoon I was starting to smell less like a lady, so I turned to Josh and asked him if I could borrow some of his deodorant.

He said, "sure, we need to go back to the house and feed Mac Daddy (our sweet Brittany Spaniel) any way and my deodorant is in my bag there. We'll just run there real quick and come back".

that's the Mac Daddy
I threw on a cover-up and we hopped in the jeep.

The whole way to Josh's parent's house, he was weird. He was hyped up and drumming the steering wheel and acting very un-Josh-like. I just assumed he'd had too much sun.

When we got to the house, Josh goes "my deodorant is in the side pocket of my suitcase, just grab it" then bent down to put food in Mac's bowl.

I reached into the suitcase and pulled out a small box instead, I tossed it to the side and found and applied the deodorant. Then when I went to put the box back into the bag, I realized it was a jewelry box.

At first I freaked out because I was worried that I had found it by mistake, but when I turned around Josh was on one knee on the floor beside Mac.

I gasped and immediately burst into tears (you know how emotional I can be) before he could even ask me the question.

I got myself under control and opened the box and found the perfect ring. It was vintage looking with a emerald cut diamond framed by smaller circular ones with a thick band with several smaller emerald cuts bordered on each side by circulars.

I immediately said yes! and we hugged and kissed and got back in the car to go to Josh's grandparents.
His whole family was waiting, apparently they knew what was going to happen.

The funny part is, Josh had no idea how he was going to ask me. While he'd already asked my parents for their permission and gotten the ring, he had yet to think of a way to pop the question.

So, when I just happened to be stinky and he knew the ring was in the same pouch as the deodorant, he decided it would be perfect. Not cheesy, not too over the top gushy romantic and surprising. Just like us :)

So that's the story of how I became Mrs. Joshua Edmondson, my pits smelled and Mac was hungry.
And we lived happily ever after.

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