Friday, May 21, 2010

meeting Temperance Hall.

So, we had a great first date, despite Josh leaving the movies with a suspicious-looking stain on the crotch of his pants.
On New Year's Eve, I went to Greenville to stay at Morgan's apartment (who just happened to be Josh's roommate).
We had a big shin-dig.
This is not true.
We basically all hung out like we usually would on a regular night only at midnight we all kissed our dates/boyfriends/girlfriends/closest person to us.
Josh and I kissed at midnight and it was great.
Nothing mind-blowing about the evening, but the next day we became official "boyfriend and girlfriend" despite the limited amount of time we had hung out.
We just clicked and things felt right.
So, the next weekend Josh invited me over to meet his family.
Granted, I already knew Josh's mom Vivian because she was a teacher at my high school (but I didn't really KNOW her) and I already knew Denise since she was my "Aunt Neecy", but I had never met the rest of them.
When I say "them" I mean not only his dad, brother and grandparents I mean his grandma's 9 brothers and sisters who all lived on the same road and alllll their kids and grandkids.
So, Sunday night I went with Josh to Temperance Hall Road and met the crew.
We walked into his grandparents house and he introduced me to his dad and brother. Then his grandma Ethel came and said "Well I already know you because your mama's been my pharmacist for years, but it's nice to finally meet you".
They were great, I loved how close the entire family was and how he ate dinner at his grandparent's every Sunday night just like my family eats lunch with my Mema every Sunday afternoon.
They all went to the same Methodist church and Josh had been taught the same manners, morals and ethics that I had.
I knew then, that I was going to marry this boy.
Even before he told me he loved me.
Which came shortly after....

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