Monday, May 10, 2010

oops, I lied.

Sorry I didn't blog this weekend as promised, it was such a busy couple of days because of Mother's day and my filthy house that needed cleaning.

So, I will post twice today :)

Last Tuesday night marked the last time I will ever be able to show my face in Lowes Foods again.
Following dinner with my friend Hope and Wimpie's (which serves the BEST Shecrab soup around, ask anyone) I decided to make a trip to the grocery store since we only had beer and eggs in our refrigerator and Josh was due home that Friday. Seriously, we didn't even have mayonnaise or mustard in there.
Hope was kind enough to act as my secretary as we traveled around the grocery store stocking up on healthy food, Gluten-free products, toilet paper, meat and everything else on my list. When Hope finished checking off all the items on my endless grocery list, my cart weighed around 50 lbs.
We get up to the register around 8:30pm and the girl (who was already kind of rude) rang up all my items (which ranged from lemons and Feta cheese to Edamame & ground Turkey meat) and the bag boy put them in their plastic bags {SHUT UP i know I should be using recyclable bags}.
As the girl announced the grand total of $330, I opened my wallet only to find my debit card missing. I panicked, until I remembered that I had pumped gas when I got off work and put the card into the back pocket of my dress pants I'd worn to work.
So, here I stand with a red face, a debit card-less wallet and a cart full of expensive groceries at 8:45. I think quick and just say "no problem, I will put it on my credit card".
I scanned the card only to be told "insufficient funds".... yeah I sort of went a little crazy last month with credit card purchases since we were so broke.
I turn to Hope and ask if she can get it and I'll write her a check. But Hope had just paid her rent and therefore couldn't afford my ridiculous amount of food. (COME ON HOPE DON'T YOU KNOW A FAT-KID'S NOURISHMENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD?!)
So, I say "I'm sorry" and the girls looks at me and says "Can't you just go back to your house and get the card?" To which I calmly (and shamefully) responded, "I don't live in Greenville".
She just looked at me and said "ugh, it's fine."
I told both her and the bag boy that I was sorry like 24 times and hung my head and walked out of the store.
Those poor kids had to stay late and put back alllll that food I am sure.
Looks like I'll be doing my shopping elsewhere.

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