Thursday, January 5, 2012

clutches, bangles and demonic puppies

First of all, my absolute favorite Christmas gift was finding out that one of my best friends, Dana is pregnant! I am so excited for her and her husband Bradley (or B-Rad for short), they are going to be wonderful parents.

Dana & B-Rad on their wedding day (May 09)
Now on to the other gifts....

Most of these are fairly self explanatory, except the random monogram. That is actually a wooden monogram from Southern Proper Monograms - ours obviously has our initials on the side with a big E in the middle and I hung it over the fireplace.

My favorite gifts were all the clutches/bags/cases! I got a turquoise leather Hobo "Lauren" clutch, Lilly Pulitzer ID wristlet, THREE purple & gold market totes, a lime green clutch mongrammed with pink initials from Marley Lilly, a purple mongrammed "Champion" wristlet case from Marley Lilly, a blue business card case with a monogram decal and a Lilly Pulitzer BlackBerry pouch.

I also got these awesome Mariposa Pillar Holders from Z Gallerie that I adore but forgot to include in the big picture.

Sawyer also racked up this Christmas. He got more clothes than I think he can ever wear and a TON of toys. Of course, every single toy makes noise, but he has had a great time with all of them so far.
My least favorite toy? The Laugh & Learn Puppy. That thing is possessed. It says things like "play with me" and "I see you" in the middle of the night. Not really phrases you want to hear at 2 a.m. when you stumble towards the bathroom.
He also got a big inflatable jump house that I cannot WAIT to use when it gets warmer and he gets bigger!

Josh got a bunch of movies, some sweaters and such but his favorite gift I think was his hitch cargo carrier for his prized possession, his Jeep.
I think he took at least 3 loads of trash off thanks to that thing so I love it too!

Josh also got those hideous running shoes, the Fibrum Five Finger shoes.
All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas. We had a great time watching Sawyer experience gift-opening for the first time and he made the holiday so enjoyable.

Come back tomorrow to hear about my resolutions for this year... that I probably won't keep.


  1. OMG we had that puppy and I threw it out for that exact reason! At like 2am I would hear "come play with me" and I swear I would put it in one place and it would be in another when we woke up. I'm sure I sound crazy, but that thing freaked me out!

  2. Those look like great gifts.
    I don't get those shoes they creep me out a bit.