Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NYE at Grove Park Inn (part II)

miss Monday's post about our first day at Grove Park Inn? read it here

On New Year's Eve, Josh and I woke up around 10ish (which was GLORIOUS) and decided to explore downtown Asheville.

After a quick stop at the little cafe at Grove Park Inn we ventured to Page Avenue to see what the Grove Arcade and the other downtown options had to offer.

I wasn't super impressed with the Arcade (pictured below). It had lots of cute shops, but I am honestly not that interested in local crafts and pottery (yes I realize how un-cultured that probably makes me). But if that is what blows your skirt up then the Arcade is perfect for you.

We ventured to the others shops at Battle Park including Urban Outfitters (where Josh almost had a cow at the price tags, I swear you can't take him anywhere) and a Woolworth!

Now why would we get excited about Woolworth department store? Because Josh's grandma worked at the Woolworth in Rocky Mount that closed a long time ago and if we ever see one elsewhere we have to take a picture to show her they're still around.

After wandering around for awhile we grew an appetite and visited the Bier Garden for lunch.
It was delicious. Their beer menu was a dag-on book, but since it was 2 in the afternoon we did not partake in that particularly menu. I got the Coconut Shrimp appetizer and the Turkey Wrap for lunch.

Best part of Bier Garden besides the food? Watching the Kentucky/Louisville game on the big screen while we enjoyed our lunch.

Josh & I enjoying our lunch.
By the way, I didn't realize how many hippies, hipsters and homeless people are in Asheville. I guess it's just any big city, but I seriously could hardly tell which mean with scraggly beards dressed in layers were homeless and which were just "hip".

We tried to go to the Historic Biltmore Village (mainly I tried because I wanted to hit their Lilly Pulitzer and Monkees of Asheville) but the parking was absolutely horrible so we decided to just go back to the hotel and watch movies (Bridesmaids & Hangover II) instead before getting ready for our dinner.

As I mentioned before, our New Year's Eve package included dinner reservations on New Year's Eve at either Sunset Terrace or Horizons. We chose Sunset Terrace because it didn't require you to dress in "Resort Formal" wear, after all our reservations were at 5:30 and the party wasn't set to start until 9pm, I didn't want to be all dolled up for almost 4 hours.

bad picture of my outfit for Sunset Terrace
Sadly... I wasn't too impressed with the restaurant. Don't get me wrong, the food was wonderful, we had a pre-set four-course meal for NYE that we got to choose from. I didn't take pictures of the food because I hated to do that in such a semi-fancy venue, but I got the Pan-Seared Scallops in White Wine Sauce for my appetizer, a salad that included pita squares and an awesome vinaigrette, filet topped with a delicious crab cake with potatoes au gratin and grilled veggies and a magnificent chocolate molten cake with raspberry sauce for dessert.

However, there was 30 to 45 minutes between each course of us just waiting for our food. When you have an antsy husband... this is not ideal.

I also enjoyed a Sunset Martini, of which I DID take a picture..
view from Sunset Terrace
After dinner we enjoyed a drink on the back terrace and then went back to our room to get ready for the party.

Josh and I went downstairs to the ballroom a little after 9pm and stayed until 12:30 am. We had a great time dancing to the AMAZING band called Big Blast and the Party Masters from Atlanta. These guys played non-stop for 3 hours and were so energetic and just awesome.

Here are some quick pics from the evening that are even worse than the ones above since I took them with Josh's BBerry camera... in the dark.

crowded ballroom.
The next day we spent the ENTIRE day at the spa and exploring the hotel... come back tomorrow for more


  1. yummmm your sunset martini looks amazing i might just have to have one this weekend!

  2. 'I didn't realize how many hippies, hipsters and homeless people are in Asheville'
    Haha! I kept saying this the entire time we were there!
    Asheville has a very special place in my heart since that was where we got engaged (and had dinner at GPinn!) and I look forward to visiting again!
    Looks like a great weekend! :)

  3. Again, that totally sounds like my kinda trip!! :) I'm glad y'all had so much fun...and your food and drinks all look so good!!

  4. You left out the part about how your amazing cousin inlaw kept texting you and Josh all night long letting you know about all the awesomeness you were missing at Rum Runners :)

  5. You cracked me up talking about the ice-skating dress! My hubby really wants to go to Asheville, so your post was super helpful! Looks like a fun trip!

  6. I am glad y'all had such a good time