Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ringy ding ding

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas (expect a post on that busy schedule tomorrow), Joshua & I will be leaving Dec. 30 to celebrate New Years together in Asheville (NC) at the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa.

Instead of buying each other big Christmas gifts and such, we decided to just do stocking stuffers that cost less than $50 all together and go to the resort for three nights and four days where we will enjoy New Years.

Thanks to their great New Years Eve package, the mister and I will enjoy the below awesomeness:

  • Two nights of Property View accommodations (we added a night)
  • New Year's Dinner in one of our fine dining outlets. Choose from Blue Ridge Dining Room's Prime Rib Buffet or enjoy a four-course dinner at Sunset Terrace or Horizons Dining Room (we chose the Sunset Terrace)
  •  New Year's entertainment & dance with modern and party music from Big Blast and the Party Masters in the Grand Ballroom with cash bar & champagne toast at midnight
There was another party option called "Classic New Years",  but it involved classical music and black tie (two things that Josh Edmondson would not enjoy and therefore I would be miserable). 

We also splurged and purchased a spa pass for Sunday, we figured we'd need some recover time after partying away at the bash the night before. 

Oh, and remember this post where I whined about not being able to find a dress for this occasion? Well I finally chose one from Delias of all places. The Wendy is supposed to be purchasing it for me for Christmas. 

Warning: Creeper don't be getting any ideas about robbing our casa while we're away since you now know when to strike. We have neighbors. Nosy ones (the good kind of nosy). And? We don't have anything of value.

and once again, no I was not compensated for this post by Grove Park.


  1. omg whats the deal with all the dress dilemmas as of late. i have also been having one of my own. i found a beautiful on alloy..but it wont be ready to ship anytime soon sooo i had to go with my second choice. i like the second one, too but wouldve loved the first one. o wells obvi it wasn't mean to be.

  2. "We don't have anything of value" SO funny!! I always think if someone robbed my house they would be sorely dissapointed. lol.. But seriously, stay away from their house, creepers!

    Have a blast with your hubby, that sounds so romantical and fun! :) and that dress is gorgeous!

  3. i'm so jealous of your awesome new year's plans!! i wish there was something like that around here...well there probably is, but not with the awesome view (i live in indiana...and the views aren't spectacular!)