Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dress Drama

I am not happy. 

A little back story before I start this rant though...

Josh and I are going to Grove Park Inn from Dec. 30 through Jan. 2 (our Christmas gift to one another) and I need a fancy dress to wear to the "Big Blast New Year's Celebration". So, I set out to find either an A-line or circle skirt dress in preferably dark purple, navy or black and under $70. I found three absolutely fabulous dresses at Dorothy Perkins (those Brits sure know how to dress).

So, I pinned them to my Christmas List, happy that I had found three options for the perfect NYE dress.

Now of course, none of them are available now.
no sz. 14
no sizes at all
no sz. 14
So I am back on the hunt again. I found this precious one from Modcloth, but of course it is out my price range at $96.99

So ladies, I need your help.
Have any of you seen a dress that fits my needs? Again, it has to be circular cut or A-line (mama's got some hips), preferably dark purple, navy or black and under $70. It needs to be fancy enough for a nice dinner but not so fancy that I can't wear it to the party afterwards. Oh, and I am 5 foot 9 inches so anything shorter than like 34 or 35 inches is a no go.

I really appreciate any help you can offer.


  1. the last one is my fave! =)

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  3. Check David's Bridal - if you look online in the "bridesmaids" section they have a bunch of dresses that might work and many of the bridesmaid ones are around $79 online and come in various colors too =)