Monday, November 14, 2011

true dat.

Yesterday, I asked you guys to guess which of the statements below were the truth and which one was a lie.

1. I once kissed a Johnathan Taylor Thomas poster in front of my entire elementary school class.
2. I almost killed my daddy with a golf club when I was only 7 years old. 
3. I have broken 3 bones in my accident-prone life.

And the answer is....

1. Yes, it's true, I did make-out with JTT in front of my fourth grade class. Not on purpose though (I wasn't a premature exhibitionist or anything). 

Someone dared me to kiss a JTT poster I had in my notebook (because, duh he was all that and a bag of chips) and I was never one to turn down a dare so I started my little make-out sesh with the paper version of my teen idol. Wellll, our math teacher chose that exact moment to call on me to answer a question so everyone turned to look at me and there I was, puckered up to the poster. #killme

2. Yes, it's true, I did almost murder my daddy with a golf club at the tender age of seven.

We were out in the yard practicing for the upcoming July Fourth Parent-Child Tournament at the country club and he'd been helping me with my driving swing. I told him I wanted to try it by myself (always so independent) and apparently didn't wait long enough for him to back away. My driver caught his eye on the follow-through and knocked him out cold, slitting his eyelid open and leaving him in a pool of blood in our backyard. Obviously I ran inside screaming "I killed Daddy" and my mother laughed until she saw his immobile body in the yard. We took off outside, her bouncing Deanna on her hip (who had just turned 2). Daddy came to and refused to move his hand from his eye because he was sure I'd knocked his eyeball out. I was screaming, Dee was crying and my mom was calling 911. Big Mark had 11 stitches in his eyelid. Yeah.... I never golfed again.

3. TYou may not believe it but I have never broken a bone in my life, except my pinky and a few toes which don't really count in my mind. Despite being the most accident prone person of all time, I have somehow managed to never break anything. 


  1. i still heart jtt.

  2. This was so cute! Your poor dad! I don't blame you for not wanting to play golf again! How traumatic! And who didn't love JTT? Even though he was a munchkin!

  3. I have never broken a bone either!

  4. LOVE JTT! I had a life sized posted of him in my room, your story made me laugh SO hard because that would have been me! LOL

    I haven't broken any bones either despite my ridiculous klutziness

  5. haha I LOVE IT girl :) xo ive never broken a bone either :) woo!

  6. golf clubs in the hands of those under the age of ten simply can't except to be anything but a weapon. lol. adore this. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a new post all about pushing your style to the edge. Love to hear what you think. xo