Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twilight Link-Up

I am linking up with Tara @ fabulous but evil and Star @ Star's Pink World for 

2.      Scene you're most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn?
Umm, do I even really need to say?

The honeymoon stuff. Have you SEEN the commercial when it shows ole EC breaking that headboard? Yum.

4.      Favorite book in the Saga?

I liked Eclipse the best, probably because it was a little "steamier" if you will.

6.      Why do you love Twilight?

The love story. Hand's down. It's nice to see "teenage" love not being portrayed as silly or easily broken. Edward's chivalry is also one of my favorite things too. I found myself saying "Josh NEVER threatened to kill someone for me.. no fair."

7.      Are the books or movies better?

Books, for sure. One thing I love about the books is that they allow you to paint your own picture of how the characters look and give you more insight about why the characters are doing what they're doing since obviously a movie isn't going to show a thought bubble showing what Edward, Bella and crowd are thinking.

8.      What do you dislike about the series?

I dislike how Bella seems so pitiful. She holds her own sometimes, but usually ends up being a little pathetic. I also dislike how people are constantly comparing/contrasting Twilight with Harry Potter - I love both and it is totally okay. 


  1. We're looking forward to the same scenes ;)

  2. Yes, the love scnene! I cant wait! The love story is also a huge part of why I love tilight! thanks for linking up!

  3. You're right - it's totally okay to love both Twilight and Harry Potter. I couldn't choose between the two series even if I wanted to.

  4. HP & Twilight are two completely different amazing epic series. Get it right, people! :)

  5. Visiting from blog hopping. Haven't gone to see the movie yet..but looking forward to it. You had me with comparing Harry Potter and Twilight- so annoying! It IS okay to like both-they're different series.