Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Game Day Picture and Target Tuesday Link Ups

Two link-ups today, first with the Belles of Saturday for Game Day Picture Link Up

Here are some pictures from the homecoming East Carolina University game vs. Tulane!
Parade Car - how hot is that? 
poor kid on a leash
Pee Dee!
11am flipcup - Pirates = Harcore 

can you tell she's from the beach?
check my awesome Pirate boots :)

Daddy's Sippy Cup

why yes, I did ask the wind to blow to provide perfect photo-shoot hair.

Now, see the hideous purple dish with a purple top right there to the left of Chris Mitchell's butt? Yeah, that is what I had to offer Saturday, my delicious pumpkin fluff dip was too yummy to be served out of those uncoordinated dishes so.....

I'm linking up with Tara @ Fabulous but Evil for Target Tuesday

Touchdown Snack Bowl - $19.99

Touchdown Field Chip and Dip Set - $26.99

Touchdown 3-Section Condiment Server - $23.99
ECU Dip Chiller - $19.99
Football Cake Mold - $14.99


  1. poor kid on a leash...seriously, i don't know if i could laugh at the parents or feel sorry for the child when they have a leash...

  2. Love the football party dishes! So cute!

  3. I'd always HATED the child leash..until our child turned 2 and we started going to very crowded events with him...and sweating little hands can slip away before you realize it. We invested in the leash..and get evil looks from others, but don't lose our child! We've learned to laugh off the negative comments/looks. But, as parents, you well know, you do what you have to do and what's best for your kid. Don't judge yet..

  4. Daddy's Sippy Cup... Such a cute idea ;)

  5. Thanks for linking up with us!! Love all that football merchandise, pretty sure I have at least 3 of things at my house, haha, and I'm getting a new football bowl from Christmas!!