Monday, October 31, 2011

In with the OLD out with the new?

You may remember that I moved from my old office.....

....into a new office
I moved from said old office into a new smaller office since my boss was leaving and another person was going to take my old area and so I could have a freakin' door so I could pump for the Sawbug in privacy.

.... Well I have been moved back into my first office now. It has thankfully undergone some updates. There is no more network printer where people visit CONSTANTLY and it now has a door!

So here is my new, old office!

Yes, I may have spray-painted a lamp purple...

I did lose my window when I moved back, but I still had my lovely curtains so I used them to hide the doorway that used to lead to my old boss' office but has now been closed off on the other side. Hiding behind the curtain are my easels and pop-up screens.
old window
new "window"
With my new office also came another title change, I am now "Communications and Community Relations Program Coordinator." Say that three times fast.


  1. Your new office looks great. Glad you still have a door.

  2. Your office is so cute! I love the Lilly stuff and all the fun colors! Very cute!