Thursday, June 30, 2011

Office Transformation

Yesterday I spent my morning winding my way through this:

Because, like Miss Pink Lou Lou, I was moving!!

Since my boss is leaving and my old office was just an extension of hers, I got a new office (complete with a DOOR so I can pump in my own office!)

Here is my old little space:

And here is my new office:
still working on that naked wall to the right of the window 

You see the awesome clipboards up there? Yeah I stole that idea from Pinterest, see the pic below
I decided to jazz mine up with some Lilly P prints :)
Here is a better pic of zee boards *fake french accent*

And you see that presh Lilly magnetic memo board? I found some little silver magnet tins on sale at Walmart to stash little doo-dads in - then covered the little peep holes with pretty scrapbook paper (because I can't leave well enough alone). This was another idea stolen from Pinterest (see pic under my board picture).

Also? I am OBSESSED with my lovely Lilly accessories (both those I made and the ones I purchased from Lifeguard Press).

My next task is to make a prettier clock out of the standard black & white one I have... stay tuned!


  1. LOVE all of the projects! I can not wait to start my own very soon :)

  2. This is funny and something that I never thought I would be saying BUT... I'm super jealous you have your own office so you get to pump in privacy! I need to figure out where they are going to stash me and my pump.

  3. Awesome! Your office looks so fun! I just have an old the middle of a classroom. :/

  4. this looks great girl! love all of the lilly!! :)

  5. Looks great! Yay for the upgrade :)