Monday, June 13, 2011

anniversary oops

B-T-dubs, today is also my and Joshua's 2nd anniversary... and we have nothing planned.

no cards

no gifts

no special dinner

why? because 1) we're broke and 2) we don't have time for anything :( June is so busy for me at work and finding a day we could do something that corresponded with a day someone could keep Sawyer was too difficult. So we are going to celebrate some other time.

ahh, the joys of adulthood.


  1. Awe, my husband and I have our two year anniversary in one week, and we will be celebrating sans cards or going out. We moved to the country this year (plus we are broke too!) so I think I will whip us up something at home and maybe we can take a sunset drive through the country. Regardless, happy anniversary!