Monday, June 13, 2011

Wet Weekend

We had a busy, busy time this past weekend.
Sawyer was a social butterfly and attended his first birthday party for the lovely lady below (pictured with her equally lovely mommy).
The party was a pool party, which her parents created by putting fun inflatable pools, a pool with a slide, a slip-n-slide and other water activities in their backyard. Sawyer had a good time and managed to stay happy the entire party.

That afternoon, we went to get my new BlackBerry activated since my other one broke and kept putting "y" and "i" all over the screen. (BTW, expect a bitter post about how wonderful it is to have to reprogram all your ringtones, re-download all your apps and such later this week).

Then Saturday night we went to a wedding shower at our friends Dana & Bradley's house for our friends Hope & Eric.  Sawyer went for a little while, but decided he was too tired to party and went and stayed at my parents' house instead (who luckily live about 2 miles from Dana & Bradley).
Hope & Eric
Sunday, after church, we went to Josh's grandma's pool to let Sawyer play with his new water toys! We got him a float that he can either sit in or law across that has a nice sun shade to protect his fair little skin and a pool with a fountain so he can sit in it (with some help) and splash.

He loved it!
Sundays are always spent in T.Hall (where Josh's grandma and aunts & uncles live), and in the summers we spend even more time there at the pool.

don't you love how the garden is in the background?.
And we also had a guy come to our house Sunday night about our new roof - since our shingles have been blowing off and our roof hasn't been replaced since like 1994, we're getting a tin roof. I am so excited, not only because we need a new roof but also because the sound of rain on a tin roof is just about the best thing in the world.


  1. how sweet is he in that little float?! love it!

  2. Love that you're getting a tin roof, perfect for naps on rainy Sunday afternoons (I feel like there's a country song out there somewhere with that line...)

    Also, happy belated anniversary!!

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