Monday, June 27, 2011

glory days?

my "What I'm Playing Thursday" made me a little nostalgic for my high school days.

High school me - about 80 lbs. lighter and 20 times less stressed
The SWE Class of 2005
the class of 2005
there are days where I am glad that high school is over and I no longer have to worry about whether someone likes me or not, or if my outfit is too fashion-forward for my narrow-minded school - but then there are days when I miss being able to see my friends whenever I want because they're in my classes or the hallway, instead of having to plan times for us to convene.

I miss soccer practices where we all laughed harder than we practiced and rides home on the bus from games where we lost terribly but "won in our hearts".
The past & future of SWE Soccer
senior year soccer
I miss yearbook - the fun never stopped (which is prbly why our publication was so pitiful).
Angel Lar & Devil Linds
yes, we drew devil/angel stuff on the white board then stood in front of it.
I miss how easy life was (even though we thought it was SO hard). We didn't have to worry about over-drawing our account because the mortgage needs to be paid but the car needs inspecting too.
in Cozumel, MX - senior year
My first thought when I woke up was "what am I going to wear?" not "crap, I forgot to put the clothes in the dryer before I fell asleep last night".

But at the same time, I am glad that chapter of my life is done. I did stupid things in high school. Those people who say that high school and college are the best days of your life are a little ridiculous (in my opinion) what does it say about you when your life peaks when you're 17-23 years old?

I love my husband, son and my life now. I finally have the relationship with God I should have already had - even though it still needs to grow. I have a job I enjoy (which I would enjoy even more with a raise) and a house I am proud of (even though it needs a good cleaning).

So, what do you miss most about high school and what about HS make you glad it's over?


  1. I get nostalgic about those days too! :) I don't miss all the competition between girls over clothes, cars, boys, etc...but I do miss the zero stress of no bills and no job!

  2. I hated every minute of high school. Now college I would go back in a minute.
    I was on my high school yearbook staff too

  3. Hope TharringtonJuly 6, 2011 at 9:54 AM

    I miss seeing YOU every day (that would be high school and most of college-once you got over that stupid seahawk thing you tried for a year :))

    And I miss soccer.

    And I miss eating whatever I wanted without having to work out.

    And I miss.. the Rodeo.

    And I miss the Eastgate Killahs (college again.)

    And I don't miss everything else :)