Thursday, June 9, 2011

am I the only one?

Sometimes I wonder...
does anybody else close their eyes when the computer is taking forever to load a page/program and tell themselves "when I open my eyes, it will be done."?

do other people's grandmas wrap their hair in toilet paper so it holds its shape and therefore requires less "fixin'" in the morning?

is anyone else a little more than disgusted by the Schick Quatro Bikini Razor commercial? (You know - the one with the ever so clever "bushes").

has anyone else ever checked to make sure their infant is breathing in the middle of the night because he or she is sleeping so soundly?

do you have to turn the channel every time that horrible humane society commercial comes on because it makes you cry?

does anybody else wear clothes that have a stain then just pretend like you created the stain THAT day when you wear it?

do you try to pronounce the little "captcha" sayings before you type them? Always a good time.

anybody else completely spoiled by their DVR and actually start watching shows late on purpose so they can fast-forward through the commercials?

do your ears bleed when you hear Sugarland's lead singer, Jennifer Nettles sing? I DESPISE her nasal voice! Seriously. I can't even enjoy their music because her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and makes me want to stab objects into my ear drums.

anyone else worry that Lady Gaga is the anti-christ? I'm just saying.. have you SEEN the Judas video?


  1. Bahaha you aren't the only one!!! Haha all of these I agree with :)

  2. We are one in the same!!! (Minus the sleeping infant, and instead a 100 lb. doggie!). Thanks for the laugh!

  3. I totally read the captcha words. The bushes commercial kills me. I think my mouth fell to the floor the first time I saw it. Your grandma wraps her hair on TP?? Whaaa? Oh, and, I kinda love Sugarland :/

  4. LOL! I totally am with you.. especially the stain thing.