Thursday, April 28, 2011

we got a situation...

So, if you're from Edgecombe/Nash County you know that the Edgecombe County Public Schools Central Office is currently undergoing some changes.
In order to save some money and also keep teaching positions from being cut, our new superintendent has decided to cut three big positions at the C.O., our Director of Student Support Services, Associate Superintendent of Operations Management and my boss, the Director of Community Relations.
Now, if we don't have a Director of Community Relations, what does that mean for little ole me, the Community Relations Assistant?
Glad you asked...
I am safe. Praise god.
The decision came while I was on maternity leave, so I was constantly terrified that I my leave was going to end and I wasn't going to have a job to come back to.
Affective June 30, I will report directly to our superintendent with a few new duties and sadly, the exact same pay and title.
So, many prayers are needed and I hope God grants me lots and lots of patience.


  1. I am glad your job is safe. I know what a scary feeling that is. We were bought out last year and we still don't know as we merge if we have jobs or not.

  2. This is definitely a scary thing to face, but I know that you're savvy enough to take on extra responsibilities!! Praying they realize how vital you are and find some extra money in the budget - shoppers gotta shop!