Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Lilly with hip & hiney space!!

I would like to thank the designers at Lilly Pulitzer for creating 2 perfect dresses and 2 perfect skirts.
"Why Lauren, all Lilly items are perfect," you might say. But alas, these pieces are super perfect becuase they meet 2 specific requirements:
They're all under $200 and they don't require my thighs, hips and hiney to be suffocated and squeezed into a pair of Spanx (usually all Lilly's that aren't Maxi length are rather constricting in those bodacious areas). 

I present (with the help of the Wyatt and the Blossom dress & the Cissy and Whitley skirts.

I'm in love. I'll take three of each with a side of bankruptcy please.

Blossom in Seersucker
Blossom Printed in Hotty Pink Small First Impression
Blossom Dobby in Classic White Daffies
Blossom Printed Dobby in Shorely Blue Portrait of a Picnic
Wyatt Printed in Multi Peel & Eat
Wyatt Printed in Multi Minnie Zinny
Cissy Printed Shirting in Classic White Daffies
Cissy Printed Shirting in Multi Minnie Zinny

Whitley Mini in Hotty Pink Small First Impression

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  1. love them all!! When I was looking for a graduation dress I tried on the blossom fits perfect!