Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Worldess Wednesday: Guess where I am going!

July 10-13 I am heading to a wonderful location for the annual NSPRA (National School Public Relations Association) Conference. Here are a few hints...


The Marriott Rivercenter - where the conference will take place and where I will be residing
The Shops at La Cantera - plan on doing some serious damage up in there
pretty obvious huh?
I am going to San Antonio, Texas!

Since I didn't want to go by myself, the Wendy is going too so we can enjoy some mommy-daughter time (when I am not in seminars). And the date works out perfect because Josh will be at the beach with entire family so Sawyer will be surrounded by "mommy's" to help Josh take care of him!


  1. Aww so exciting, you'll be in my city!! Dress for warm weather because it's been muggy and warm for sure! I hope you have a blast and yes, you can do SERIOUS damage at La Cantera! :D

  2. That looks like a blast. SA is on my bucket list

  3. I want to gooo!! San Antonio and Austin are on my "once you get a job and have money to spare" travel list!!