Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashionable Friday: Oh so thrifty.

First and foremost I would like to say a big thank you to New York & Company for always carrying their pants (even their pretty colored ones) in tall's and for their amazing coupons.

Second and secondmost I want to apologize for the pictures in this post, they're horrible quality.

Because of NY & Co's amazing Buy One Get One 50% Off sale and a beautiful $50 off every $100 you spend coupon I got in an email I got $351.44 for (drumroll please).....$169.16!!

Granted I had to make two trips so I could use the $50 off $100 twice (you could only use it once at a time), but still that is pretty fan-freakin'-tastic if I do say so myself.

During my first trip, I purchased four pairs of pants, a dress and a top for $114.99.
I got...

All four of these pants

Blue and black patterned flutter dress
Striped shirt with shoulder details

Then on my second trip I bought one pair of jeans, a scarf, two tops and two pairs of earrings for $54.17.

So I figured, hey if I cam saving this much moolah I deserve to make a small medium-sized trip to Belks too!

Since they had an awesome clearance rack that featured items already marked down 50% then an additional 40% AND their "New Directions" sale, I got $400 worth of clothes for $120
And thanks to all the gift cards I had from Christmas I was able to get....

I am actually excited about going back to work so I can wear new clothes! But not so excited about leaving my sweet baby - even though he will be in more than capable hands with our preacher's wife.


  1. I LOVE the striped shirt with the shoulder detailing. I wish I had it, right now. And now that little baby boy is here.... let the Lauren shopping obsession return!

  2. OMG I am so jealous of your steals! And, I so want that striped shirt...they were all out in my NY & Co like a month ago! So amazing that you could still find it! YAY!