Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashionable Friday: Pirates need dresses too!

Football season is getting closer and closer and I want a freakin' tailgate dress or cute top for the first game.
Usually I wear an ECU t-shirt with a variety of different bottoms throughout the warm months then purple and gold sweaters and my ECU hoodies when it gets cooler but I keep seeing all these cute tailgate dresses and I want one too dag-on-it.

I really started getting jealous when I saw Miss Pink LouLou in her University of Kentucky dress,

so I started frantically searching the internet for an ECU dress, or even an LSU dress that doesn't have "LSU" or a tiger on it (since they share our purple &; gold colors) that I liked.... no luck.

I only found ONE East Carolina University dress and it is atrocious, see below.
Ew, what is that crest thing!? there's not even a pirate on there!
Alumni Hall has tons of ECU stuff, but no dress.

Etsy has amazing game day dresses and tops such as the ones below, but no ECU ones!
Tube dress by LoveMyGameDress
Precious top by Score on Gameday - made out of a t-shirt and bathing suit top!
Dress by Score on Game Day
I found a few more dresses but yet again, no East Carolina ones.
Then I found Livy Lu and fell in complete lust with the precious dresses. But sadly, I'd have to be a Texas, Oklahoma or Tulsa fan to actually wear them.

Cute little ruffle tube dress by Livy Lu

Finally I stumbled across Judith March's blog  and she had a one purple and yellow dresses. But it isn't sold anywhere around here.

So I am going to attempt to make my own. I am going to cut the top off an old dress or the bottom off an old top and combine it with the bottom of a very large East Carolina tshirt.


  1. The alumni hall store in Crabtree had that same dress for ECU this time last year. I went a month or so ago and I'm pretty sure they had some sort of dress, check there :)

  2. yeah, I saw the same UK dress but for ECU at alumni hall here at crabtree! girl trust me I am ALWAYS on the hunt for cute ecu attire all the red here in raleigh makes me SICK! lol i found this one the other day

  3. I'd also check out American Apparel - Nothing ECU specific, but cute and simple dresses in tons of colors (purple and gold are almost always included).

  4. The closer we get to football season it will be easier to find something I am sure. My LSU friends just wear purple or yellow and accent with the other color.
    I got lucky finding Red & Blue items is easy.

  5. Cool idea! I saw that same post and wanted a cute Carolina girls dress! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

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