Monday, April 18, 2011

arrghhh (that's "thank you" in pirate)

thank you to the ladies who helped me find some East Carolina tailgate dresses for the fall!

Miss Sarah over at We're Just Like You, Only Prettier suggested a dress that I somehow missed on ECU's site (which is amazing considering how often I visit their online shopping section!)
I adore this dress, it is comfortable and casual yet cute. I have already asked Sawyer to get it for me for my first mother's day :)

East Carolina Pirates Ladies Purple Burner V-neck Dress

A Lot of Moving's Melissa suggested I check out American Apparel since they usually have a bunch of just solid colored, light-weight dresses and I found a few things there too (but only a few since they are so short and I am so tall).
This was my favorite one at American Apparel 
I was also informed that the Alumni Hall at Crabtree has some ECU dresses that I must have missed last season, so I will have to make a trip since their website is such crap.

Then  Josh's cousin Melody found a few purple & yellow options at Belk too. Thanks for all your help ladies!

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