Monday, April 11, 2011

pump it up

Since I've returned to work and I'm breastfeeding, I have had the lovely task of pumping (or as our friend Chris Mitchell puts it "tapping the kegs") every 3 hours or so. And because my office doesn't have a door, just a doorway I've been using a little room in the HR department... and when I say little room, I mean LITTLE room.

I sit in that blue chair. yes, seriously.
Every time I go to pump I find myself wanting to sing "In my own little corner, in my own little chair.." from Roger & Hammerstein 's Cinderella 

Not only do I have to sit in that little blue chair surrounded by boxes and files, I have to sit in front of these massive cabinets that look like the kind of places people in horror movies store bodies (such as in "The Stepfather").
See... too bad my creepy cabinets don't come with a side of Penn Badgley.

But the best part? I get to sit in front of a fridge that has these beautiful stickers on:

I'm just going to take a wild guess here and assume that the previous owner of this fridge was of the larger persuasion. 


  1. Oh my. I'm definitely not looking forward to that (if I go that route). A teacher at my school pumps in the janitor's closet or something random like that. Awkward turtle. :/

  2. HA! This whole post has me laughing out loud. And I am not surprised one bit that Chris Mitchell calls it that... keepin' the party going.

    I am SO sad I didn't get to see little man on Sunday. I'll try to stop on my way home for Easter weekend - I'll let you know as it gets closer.