Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Friday: Leaf-E AND an announcement

DIY Friday is back!! Also, in two weeks I am going to make this a link up. Yep, you heard read right. In two weeks it will be a link up. So, get ready and start doing it yourself! So excited.

I saw this awesome leaf initial on Pinterest (of course) and decided I could totally accomplish it myself.

What You'll Need:
Pool Noodle/Big Wooden Letter
Gorilla Glue
Hot glue
Craft leaves
Burlap or ribbon

What You Do:

1.) Instead of buying a semi-expensive big wooden "E", I chose to make one from pool noodles. Yep, I gots mad talent when it comes to shaping those suckers. If you want to just buy a letter, do that instead and skip this step.

After cutting the pieces I glued them together with Gorilla Glue and applied some rubber band magic to hold them together long for the glue to dry.

my pool noodle "E"
2.) Once noodle is dry, apply craft leaves with hot glue. I tried to do this with Gorilla Glue, but I kept getting leaves stuck to me since they were so thin and the glue was seeping through. I purchased these leaves for only a $1 at Rite Aid and 65 leaves came in a bag - I bought two.

3.) After you cover your letter, put a ribbon or some cut burlap around the top to hang it up on your door (or wherever you choose). I luckily had burlap left from my fall candle project

4.) Hang it up, so everyone can be jealous of your awesome crafting skills.


  1. this looks great! I seriously might have to try this!!! oh and ps you are really good at shaping the pool noodles haha

  2. Jealous of your pool noodle skills!

  3. yes yes! i love diy projects and will definitely link up in 2 weeks! great idea.

  4. Oh my word! What a seriously cute idea! I am making this over the weekend!


  5. You are so good about trying the ideas on pinterest. I just pin them one day maybe.