Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apologies & Comforters

First off, can I please just apologize for being such a crap blogger/comment-giver/comment responder? Sorry guys.

Second, I completely forgot to tell ya'll about our new comforter/bed..... that we got like 8 months ago.
You'll remember (maybe) awhile back how my chocolate beast took vengeance against my lovely Ralph Lauren Jamaica Paisley duvet cover - no idea what it did to her, but obviously Sookie wasn't pleased with its behavior.
Sookie & the bed during happier times

I set out to find a new comforter I liked even better. Well, during that time Josh & I decided we needed a whole new bed, in fact a whole new bigger bed - a KING bed.

We got the bed, and we I finally decided on this Michael Kors "Essaouira" comforter.

Welllll, new bed doesn't have a headboard, because we just bought a King frame and mattress, so now I need something over the bed (I'm not digging the picture frames anymore).

So, we have this great bed and comforter for around 8 months or so now and I still don't have anything over the bed but those sad pictures frames (give me a break, I've had a lot going on). I saw this awesome Pin on Miss Sarah Lucas' Pinterest board and fell in love. I could SO do that.

This weekend, I am off to find a cheap-ish mantle to use as a shelf and some picture frames and such to put on it. I am hoping somewhere in there I also find some black spray paint to spray my nightstand and maybe even black paint to paint over our dressers.


  1. I love the new bedding and I love the the shelf! I hope you find one!

  2. Good idea! I'm moving (again) in a few months, and my room will be too small for my headboard/footboard. This looks really nice! :)

  3. Great idea! I love the bedding too

  4. I love, love, love the new bedding and the shelf is so cute!!! Can't wait to see how your version turns out!