Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Target Tuesday: Pirates Skulls and Bones

please imagine me singing "pirate skulls and bones, sticks and stones and weed and bombs" like M.I.A. in her song " Paper Planes" for the second part of that title, k?

I'm linking up with Tara @ fabulous but evil for Target Tuesday!

My favorite part of Halloween is that there are skulls and cross bones EVERYWHERE, so obviously I do the logical Pirate thing and stock up on anything I can find to use during football season.

Skull Pillow

Skull Damask tablecloth

Silver Skull & Crossbone Earrings

Boston Warehouse Bone Collector Earthenware Footed Candy Dish

Set of 4 Skull Tumblers
Alright, now ya'll go do it too. ARRGHHHH!


  1. love it!! perfect halloween stuff!! :)

    *and now i have the MIA song stuck in my head* thanks!!

  2. Love that pillow! Cute halloween stuff!

  3. I love all the Skull and Crossbone stuff! None of my non-ECU friends understand my love for the skulls! I got those skull earring and can't wait to wear them to our next game!