Monday, January 10, 2011

apparently our duvet cover offended the chocolate beast

This past week, Sookie apparently decided that our Ralph Lauren "Jamaica Paisley" duvet cover was the enemy and that it must be destroyed.

Mind you, we've had this same duvet and duvet cover since we got Sookie, so she has been around it all her life, so I have no idea why it suddenly offended her.

Josh and I woke up several mornings to see piles of stuffing in the bedroom. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from since her toys were (miraculously) still in tact and her bed has yet to fall victim to her jaws of death.

Well this morning, we found the source of the fluff.

Sookie has been chewing the corner of our lovely duvet cover and finally got the hole big enough to pull a little of the duvet out and tear out its insides.

So now, I am on the hunt for a new comforter - that has to meet a few requirements.

1. NOT a duvet cover. Josh despises the duvet cover since the actual duvet is constantly slipping down deep inside the cover and we have to dig for it. So, I need a comforter or quilt this time.

2. Doesn't stain easily or show stains easily
3. Matches my ivory bed and blue walls.
4. Can't be "too girly" (josh's requirement)
5. Less than $200
6. Not floral

Here are a few I've found so far that meet the requirements:

My favorite, and the one that matches the walls the best.
Michael Kors "Essaouira" Comforter $143 at Macy's

This one probably wouldn't meet the "doesn't show stains" requirement - but it's Lacoste so of course I love it.
Lacoste "Catamaran" Comforter - $179.99 at Macy's

Cheapest option, but also out of stock
Room Essentials Aqya/Tan Stripe Bed-in-a-Bag - $44.99 at Target
Another Lacoste option
Lacoste "Ombray" $149.99 at Belk


  1. love the first two! Our dog Beau has done the same thing..luckily the hole is on the side of the bed that faces the wall so it is hidden.

  2. Hi! I am a fellow Greenville resident and just found your blog! I LOVE the first comforter it is gorgeous!

  3. Check out the Cindy Crawford stuff at JCPenny's. I walked by a cute blue one last week.

  4. OMG I will have to share this story with my hubby as one of the other reasons why I'm so afraid to get a dog! It looks like you have some cute new prospects, though...and an excuse to shop!

  5. Mine is from Dillard's and they had a lot of nice options. Also check out Target! Good luck finding a new one!