Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashionable Friday: Baby Shower Fashion

I have four baby showers coming up... yes four. One on Jan. 8th at my husband's family's church in T.Hall, one on Jan. 15th that is really a "Baby Daddy Shower" for my husband at Finelli's, one the very next day Jan. 16th at my church and then one Jan. 23 given by Josh's Aunt Beth. Not to mention I have a bridal shower to attend Jan. 9th for my bestie Hope, who would kill me if I wasn't looking my best as her Matron of Honor.

So... what to wear!?! I can't really afford anything new, and refuse to buy even more maternity clothes this late in the game, so I guess I will work with what I've got.

I am thinking this dress for the Jan. 8th shower with some black tights and black and silver earrings. I hate to wear such dark colors, but brightly-colored, yet winter-appropriate maternity dresses in my budget are few and far between.
Merona 3/4 Sleeve Sweater Dress - Target
And the outfit below for Hope's shower that Sunday since it'll be a little more casual.
Scarf - F21, Shoes and T-shirt - Target, Sweater and Pants - Old Navy and Watch - Fossil

The "Baby Daddy Shower" for Joshua is kind of tricky. Finelli's is a nice Italian restaurant but I don't really want to re-wear dresses and I don't have that many. So I'm going to rock the outfit below. Since the jeans are dark and I'm wearing a nice scarf I think it'll be okay.
Jeans and white t-shirt - Old Navy, Flats -Target, Earrings - Fornash and Scarf - Amazon

To my church shower I am planning on rocking this red Liz Lange Maternity dress from Target with black tights, black flats and some silver accessories probably. Like I said, brightly-hued maternity dresses are a rare find.

However, I DID find a bright blue dress to wear to my Jan. 23rd shower, an Olian Maternity dress from Nordstrom that I got on sale for $22 when it used to be $98! I am thinking it will look good with gray tights, not quite sure yet since it's still in the mail.

Here's hoping that baby doesn't make an early arrival before my last shower, I'd hate to bring the little guy home to a nursery that isn't fully stocked!

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  1. I think all the outfits you picked are great