Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashionable Friday: Take Me Away...

With all this snowy, cold and gray weather that Eastern NC has been getting, I have been dreaming of getting AWAY from it all. I even looked through our honeymoon pictures from St. Lucia and tried to think warm thoughts last night.

Sadly, I am not going to be going anywhere for awhile considering how pregnant I am and how broke we are. But, it isn't keeping me from dreaming of tropical places and being able to afford bathing suits way beyond my price range (and looking good enough to wear them).

Ralph Lauren Paisley Ring Bikini - $118
Trina Turk - Swim Palma Sola $158
Shoshanna Ikat One-Piece - $155

Juicy Couture Crinkle Stripe Bikini $121
La Blanca by Rod Beattie "Sweetheart" - $119
ABS by Allen Scwartz "Portofino" bikini - $100 (on sale at Nordstrom)
Ralph Lauren Halter Mio - $95


  1. Hellooooo same exact kayaking picture that Matt and I took in St. Lucia! Too funny! I like a lot of these bathing suits, but I tend to stick with my best pal Target -- Can't beat $30!

  2. Ashley, I also usually end up with a Tar-jay bathing suit haha. And gotta love those photographers at the resort who make you pose for pictures!

  3. Hey! Thanks for keeping my Mom in your prayers! She's doing so much better! Thanks for followig my blog as well, ma'am. You might have been a little inspiration to get back into it. I love reading your blog. :) Hope you, Mr. Edmondson, and baby Edmondson are doing well! :)

  4. I love the second to last one.
    And I wish I had time to take lessons when I was in Hilton Head