Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 New Year's Resolutions

1. Get back in shape
Every single year I resolve to lose weight, but for once it is something that absolutely HAS to be done since after baby I have about 25 pounds of baby weight I need to shed in addition to the pre-existing poundage I wanted to lose. This resolution especially needs to be a reality since I am going to be in a wedding come Sept. 17. I would love to weigh around 145lbs. (which at 5'9 and with my frame is about where I should be) but since I am tipping the scale in triple digits that begin with a 2 right now - it is going to be quite the struggle.

2. No soft drinks - more water
This will be a little easier than the first resolution since I have already had to increase my water in-take and since there is a water machine at work that I can visit to fill up my little "Bubba Keg" every day.

3.  Do a daily devotional
I would say "Read the Bible more" but I have a really hard time reading the bible without a devotion or story to help tie what I'm reading to my life or interpret the text into something I understand better. I have truly no excuse for NOT doing a devotional - I even have the Bible app on my BlackBerry. 

By now, you've probably read the story about how I painted just about every piece of furniture that entered my and Josh's house (since most of them were hand-me-downs, it was necessary). Well I was right in the middle of painting my dining room chairs "Cloud White" when my knee went all crazy and they are still yet to be completed.

5. Actually use the coupons I clip/print.

I am forever clipping a coupon, joining a coupon site or printing them off-line then not even using them. So ridiculous. 

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